How to make a good start?

Four easy tips to follow when you are trying to “start” your works.

Are you interested in watching Olympics or any other sport festivals? What do you like most? I prefer to watch sprint events. Yes, what about you? Have you ever watched the sprint races? Who comes to your mind? It’s you who can decide it. Can you remember the way that they start it? Are they going to run as they wish? No, there are three orders they have to follow before starting.


Today, we are going to see another running event. What’s it? Are you wondered? It’s your “LIFE RACE”. Let’s get started.

We have many dreams or plans in our lives. We are still living with them and getting a huge attempt to achieve them. Are you struggling with them? Yes, may be. The case we are handling today is different. You have the will to achieve your goals. It can be really accessible. But, the problem is,

How are you going to start it? Can you keep your focus continuously on what you start?

If you can’t, then why?🤔 I am asking you a favor. What’s the reason for that? There are four main easy tips that you can embrace in order to make a good start to your works. Let’s see how it works.

Stop saying I wish, Start saying I will

start saying I WILL

What do you prefer to tell? Are you saying the phrase “I will” as a habit or do you like to say “I wish” always? If you really want to begin your work in a great manner, you can say ‘I will’. Because, you want it and you are dreaming it. You can start where you are with what you got. Remember, you should go where it is you want to go. It is so natural to feel lazy. You may feel like, “If I have that thing, I can do it’. No, stop thinking about that negative phrase. Start your work with what you got. Get the maximum advantage from the facilities around you. It’s so interesting method to start your works because you may achieve what you want step by step. This is the first step that you should think before starting a new work in your life.

Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can

-Arthur Ashe

Remember why you started

we can’t keep our 100% focus always. Can you do it? If yes, you are so powerful. We may feel the ideas like; ‘I can shift to another work, this is so complex, it’s so hard to continue it further, it is getting more complicated”. But, is it a wise decision to quit it. Really, not, you should remember, why you started it? It’s you who are responsible for your work. If you quit it, you have to bear its result in future. You have the power to continue your great work and it will be a pleasure for you. I think, it’s the time to get a fresh start. Yes, are you ready? Start it with a positive thought.

Angry is just sad’s bodyguard

What type of a person you are? Are you getting angry when you feel like you can’t do it. Yes, it is the human nature. We have such emotions. Let them to come, but remember, don’t give chance to such emotions to change your good start. What you can do to overcome it?🤔 Just get a little break for few minutes and engage in an activity that you prefer. You can walk in the garden; you can search on various memes on media etc. Use your brain effectively and try your best to continue with what you have started.

If not now? When?

Remember, don’t postpone your works. It will make you weak. Are you going to be weak? NO, we all get the exact 365 days. My question is, what we really do with them? Postponing is like, you are planning to remove yourself from the race willingly. Don’t do that, you are a good sprinter now. Are you? Never postpone working on yourself. Do it right now. The best time for a new start is not tomorrow, it’s now. Remember, journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Will it be easy? No, is it worth to your life? Absolutely. Then, why are you thinking about it further? Don’t be afraid to start over, it is a new opportunity to rebuild what you really want.

Be positive about what can go right.




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Sujani Hansamali

Sujani Hansamali

Undergraduate who is enthusiastic in teaching young learners and writing literary pieces, from Sri Lanka