Sun is Rising

It’s dawn

I am peeping through the steamy window

first trace of light draws

a sparkling silver ray across the sky

vibrant sun rays changing from red to yellow

as a fascinating sequence

Sun is still struggling to come up

It’s a huge struggle with the clouds

I saw, the morning sun bounces over the

soft clouds at a glance

with his flying colors

It’s breathtaking magic

I am little calmer

When the sunlight pouring over the

tranquil lakeside

suddenly, the darkness faints out

Golden light beams

starts shimmering on the river surfaces

The high mountain tops

happily, embrace the morning lights

Sky, is it you who still dreaming to

hide the sun in this evening?



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Sujani Hansamali

Sujani Hansamali

Undergraduate who is enthusiastic in teaching young learners and writing literary pieces, from Sri Lanka